When it comes to your video marketing your company should always be trying to stay ahead of the competition, just like in any other business area. So what can your company do to stay on top of the game, and make sure users pay attention to what you have to say? Well, with advances in technology, advances in video marketing and technology to produce and market video content was inevitable. From using drones to create stunning footage, to personalising video content, there are a number of ways your company can stay on top. This includes using 360 video. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and marketing professionals. As a result, we have produced these tips for using 360 video for video marketing.

Tips for using 360 video for video marketing

360 degree video is video content that allows viewers to see the entire 360 view of the footage, simply by moving the viewpoint. Up, down, left, and right, whatever the viewer decides, the viewer can see. This is fully interactive and immersive video content that is currently experiencing a high level of interest, both from viewers, and businesses. So how can you use 360 video, for video marketing? Well, here are some tips:

  • Decide what and where to film- we have seen 360 videos from all manner of places, including the inside of sports cars, luxury hotels and wedding venues. You could use a 360 video to show off your new office, or your latest product. You could even use it on site, to reveal the service you have provided. Anything you would usually use video content for, you can use 360 video instead.
  • Share the content- its no good keeping that 360 footage to yourself! You should instead share it on your company website, via email to clients or customers, and even on your social media. If the footage is longer than 2 mins, you should trim it down into 2 minute segments otherwise viewers might not watch it. You could then release these snippets daily or weekly to build up interest and generate conversation about your company or business.
  • Show off your best assets- 360 video is more likely to be watched than other video types. So make those extra eyes count, and show off your companies best assets. Whether it’s a job you’ve recently completed, that shows off your craft, or its a product you’ve recently released, make sure you show off what your company has to offer.

Why is 360 video great for video marketing?

So why is 360 video so popular? Well, there are a number of reasons, including:

  • the immersive/interactive experience- People are bombarded with video advertising everywhere they go online. But a video they can control themselves is a different ballgame. This is an interactive, “gamified” experience that rewards people who take the time to watch and interact, with a different viewpoint. A more positive user experience results in more potential sales or sign ups.
  • shareability– Because viewers love 360 video content, this content is highly shareable. People that see your video on social media are more likely to share it, simply because it is unusual. This means that your audience can begin to grow organically, bringing more people to your website.

If you need more advice, or if you are wondering how 360 video could help your company, contact us at Oh Video today.