Time lapse videos are a great way to take footage of a landscape, room, or process over a period of time, with the results being increased in speed so that footage shot over perhaps 24 hours is condensed to a few minutes. Here at Oh Video we know just how to use this video technique as part of any video marketing campaign.

Why Time Lapse?

So, you might be wondering why anyone would choose to create a time lapse video over a simple explainer that would inform the viewer of the process or activity over time, instead of putting in all this work for a time lapse video.

Well, there are many advantages to using time lapse footage. I mean, firstly, how many of us are actually engaged with explainer footage? People tend to have to be interested in the topic before they watch an explainer video, so this doesn’t draw in the new potential customers or raise your companies number of unique viewers. Time lapse footage however, captures the interest and attention of a viewer almost straight away and draws them in to your story or plot, easily attracting new consumers.

Also, if you have a busy office environment, time lapse footage of activity in your office over the day can be a great way to connect with your consumers on a personal level, showing them behind the scenes footage so to speak. This raises your credibility and ultimately people choose businesses that they like.

How to Create Great Time Lapse Footage?

If we’ve convinced you about the power of time lapse, it’s time to explain the technicals. There are two choices available when opting to create time lapse footage, you can shoot video footage for the whole period, or you can take a series of photos at regular intervals and stitch these together into a video.

Shooting video footage- this method is more time consuming in post production as there is obviously a lot of footage to wade through and select from when editing the footage into a time lapse video.

Using stills- taking photographs, or a burst series of photographs, at a regular interval from the exact same location with a central focus, then piecing them together into a video is the easiest way to create a time lapse video. This is similar in technique to stop motion animation, the animation style that made Wallace and Gromit so popular. You should be able to set up your DSLR camera to take images itself at set intervals, so there is also less work when actually collecting the footage.

If you think time lapse video could be just what your company or business need, get in touch with Oh Video today.