With the surge of companies expanding their online visibility, many are turning to the medium of video to stand out from the crowd. Getting this right can work wonders for a company’s marketing presence. Here at Oh! Video, we’ve identified three key ways in which the right video content, made professionally, can have a beneficial impact on a business.

Tell your story

Just like television and movies, online video tells a story, without pages of boring text. Your story develops your brand and gives it depth. Large companies have this issue often; they can make a logo recognisable, but why should anyone care? A short video which tells the tale of the company’s origins and showcases staff or products can turn that around. Small companies too can use video to tell the world about their local roots; a powerful USP against faceless companies.

Create valuable content

Companies can tweet all day long and post until their fingers fall off, but customers simply won’t care if they see no substance. In fact, they might start seeing you as a nuisance! Short video content is a great antidote to that, because it entertains while delivering your message. When people are entertained, they associate more favourably with a brand. They’re certainly more likely to watch your next video or click your next link, knowing that you provide more than just shameless self-promotion.

Stay cost effective

For all the benefits of video content, the cost is remarkably low, if you use the right people. That’s why we at Oh! Video focus on keeping costs low, with productions tailored to your budget and special packages on offer. Costs are contained with video by serving several needs; viewers see your branded images, read your copy on screen and hear voiceovers all at once, packing a big punch into just a few minutes of footage. Better still, video content can be recycled easily for still images, shorts and audio.