It became apparent to almost every business owner, perhaps 5 or 6 years ago, that owning a website for the business was absolutely essential.  More and more began searching for businesses online and on smart phones, so choosing not to get online as a business wasn’t really an option.

Here we are 6 years later, and we live in a time where pretty much every business has a website of sorts.  Some great, some not so – but we’re all on board none the less.

So now that the question is not so much “Should I get a website to stay ahead of my competitors?“, but rather “How can I make my website stand out ahead of my competitors?”, we start to consider the use of video as the next crucial marketing tool.

We’ve noticed a distinct switch in trend which outlines exactly this.  We’re taking enquiries and getting involved in video production projects with businesses of all types, sizes and in all sectors.  From engineering to legal, and from trades people to creatives, we’re busy shooting, filming and editing video for websites, for social platforms, for email marketing campaigns, for training purposes – all sorts really.

You can deliver a million times more information to your prospect using video than you can with photos and text, and you can use your video in all sorts of ways.  Post it on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, your website.  Get it to go viral!  Why not, you never know what video content will take the world by storm.  Let your businesses products or services be the next big thing!

So if you’re wondering what’s involved in getting your first promotional video shot and edited, why not give the team at Oh! Video a call?  We’re super friendly, approachable and creative.  We’ll have your video filmed and produced in no time, with no fuss – hell, you may even have a bloody good time working with us on it!