Somewhere amongst the rising power of technology and the marketing revolution, we were told that the more content you create, the more successful we’ll be. Well, first of all, we don’t want to fall into the habit of being made into video zombies, a machine that spits out endless and potentially useless content, do we? Second, that piece of “information” we somehow acquired, is wrong.

Let us let you in on a few secrets on producing relevant, educational content instead of spieling gruel until are fingers are numb.

The 80/20 Rule

The Founder of Social Triggers – Derek Halpern states that the key to great videos relies only 20% in the content that you create. The other 80% is the promotion, so instead of splitting everything 50/50; you’re splitting it 80/20 – thus equals promotion vs creation.

The Benefits

Creating content is a very time consuming task, so instead of creating something new each week, why not start to build on your promotion skills? Share your videos via social media networks, create shorter videos – introduce them as teasers and entice more people. This will lead to more people viewing your content and you get to spend less time actually creating content no one asked for and building a better relationship with your audience.

By promoting your content on platforms that target specific audiences, it is guaranteed that the right people will view it. Your hard work is bound to pay off and all the time you’ve spent will be a weight lifted off your shoulders and you know your desired audience will see it.

Now that you have more time on your hands because you’re creating less content, you will have more time you plan your next video and make sure it’s worthwhile before you upload it. This will have much more of a strong reflection on your brand as it will have a bigger impact on your audience.

Tips from other Marketers

“Cross promote your videos on multiple channels to gain exposure.” – Jeremy Barlow (Manager of Demand Generation, Cision)

“Use video analytics to see where videos are getting the most views and with the best attention span”. – Amber Tiffany (Content Marketing Manager, Invoca)

“Connect the dots between your video and the real problem the viewer is experiencing”. – Bhaji Illuminati (Director of Marketing, Taula)

“Integration is key; this provides a wealth of knowledge on individual lead viewing behaviour”. – Adele Cavanagh (Marketing Automation Manager, Dynatrace)