Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we work with businesses and companies across the region. From Leeds to Salford, we create incredible video production and video marketing solutions. But some companies find it hard to identify the purpose of producing commercial video, and instead focus on all the aspects they would like to include to make it marketable. As a result, we have produced this guide to the purpose of commercial video.

Video production and video marketing

These two concepts are linked together. You need to be aware of your video marketing while producing your video content. However, this means that it is easy for the purpose of your video production to become confused with the purpose of your video marketing.

Whether you own a large multi-national company, or a small local business, the purpose of your commercial video is to sell a product, service or an idea. Not to get people talking about your brand, or raise brand awareness. They are the video marketing goals, and to achieve those goals, it wouldn’t be a commercial video you would produce. You may instead consider social media video production or educational/informative videos.

Why is it important to know the purpose of producing commercial video important?

The purpose of your video will greatly influence production. From initial discussions to story-boarding to the production day itself, decisions and choices will be influenced by the purpose of the commercial video. As a result, video production with a clear purpose will lead to a more effective finished product that can be incredibly valuable to your business.

In addition, the viewers will be left with no doubt about what your video aims to achieve. Consequently, they may be more likely to buy your products or services.

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