Video consumption on mobile devices is consistently increasing. From Facebook and other social media videos, to dedicated video channels like Youtube and Vimeo, people are spending a lot of time watching video content via a mobile device. In fact, around 50% of people watch video on their mobile devices. For this reason, it is more important than ever that companies and businesses, regardless of size, are providing video content for mobile. Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we are video marketing and video production experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of producing dedicated video for mobile.

The advantages of producing dedicated video for mobile

Producing dedicated video for mobile devices

Video consumption on mobile devices is totally different to watching desktop video, and companies need to be aware of these differences when producing video content. As a result, its always a good idea to produce dedicated video content for mobile devices.

From the length of the footage, to the message delivery, every aspect of video production should be different for mobile devices.

What are the advantages of producing dedicated video for mobile?

So now we know why we need dedicated mobile video footage, but what are the advantages of this video content? Well, there are several and these include:

maintaining a professional appearance
Video that is not produced for mobile, but is simply squeezed to size after the fact, is not professional. Just because your video will be viewed on a mobile device, doesnt mean that your video should be lacking in quality or clarity. Dedicated mobile video will help your company look professional and will give the right impression.
delivering a clear message
Dedicated video for mobile has to be planned as such. This means that the message you are aiming to send will be clear, well thought out, and effectively delivered. This is not the case when a video for another source is simply squashed into a mobile video.
well thought out features
Mobile video needs to be short, look effective on a small screen, and be able to make sense with no sound. These are features unique to mobile video. As a result, producing dedicated video content for mobile will help you deliver on these features.

For more information or advice about the advantages of producing dedicated video for mobile, and how this can work for your business, get in touch with the experts today, here at Oh Video.