When it comes to creating your company’s video, text may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but more videos than you may think do actually make good use of text. Explainer videos, how to videos and even advertising videos tend to include some sort of text during the footage, even if it isn’t the main method of presenting the information. For some companies, making good use of text is the best way to get across the aim of their video and so as you can see, text in video is actually a large area. Here at Oh Video, we are video production and video editing experts, and this is our guide to text in video.

Font and Size

Choose a font and a size that is readable. Squinting at the screen to try and understand what on earth the text says is not how your potential consumers and your video users want to spend their time, in fact, they probably won’t finish watching your video at all. This means that all your hard work won’t just be wasted, but it may have done more harm to your company’s reputation or image, and in the digital age, this is a huge negative.


Using small chunks of text to support the footage in your video can help people who may be hard of hearing, or people watching your video without sound to understand what is going on, as well as reinforce the key points and message of your video. For example, using text to highlight the key features of a new trainer as these are discussed in a video review can add depth and give your video more credibility.


If your video is a particularly long explainer with different sections, using text headings is one way that people can interact with and navigate your video. Changing the headings at the top of the video as the footage plays can help your audience keep track of where they are up to and engage more fully with your video product.

In summary

Text can be used to great effect in a variety of different video styles, and is probably more important than you originally thought. Taking the time to choose your font style and size can make your video a lot more successful, and using text for a specific purpose, e.g. captions or headings, can enhance the quality of your video. For any and all of your video needs, contact Oh Video today.