Text in video is underestimated. More videos than you may realise make good use of text. But why would you use text in video? And how can I use text to good effect? Here at Oh Video, we are experts at all things video. From video production right through to marketing, we know all the tips and tricks. As a result, we have produced this guide to text in video.

Why text?

Text is actually a really good addition to a video. Many people are using smartphones and mobile devices to access social media and YouTube while travelling. This means that it is often inappropriate to use the video sound, especially without earphones. As a result, captions in videos help people to understand what is going on, without having to listen to the voice.
In addition, adding text captions to a video is a great way to provide accessibility options. People who are hard of hearing may prefer to read the captions rather than listen to the video.

Tips to text success:

  • Font Style Choose an easily readable font style. If your font is hard to read, your viewers will struggle. Consequently, they may even switch off altogether.
    In addition, you should also choose a font style that matches your companies branding. This will help confirm the relationship between the video and your company.
  • Font Size Choose a suitable font size. Obviously, a font size that is too large will obstruct the imagery of the video. This would be counter-productive to viewer experience and may make your audience drop out earlier.
    Alternatively, a font size that is too small will be uncomfortable for viewers and cause them to squint. Not a good look on their daily commute. Apart from the aesthetic issue, people may not actually be able to read your text if it is too small. As a result, people will switch off and may be less likely to watch one of your company videos in the future.
  • Chunking Don’t try and subtitle your video. This is on common mistake people make when providing text in video. Alternatively, caption what is happening in your video with chunks of text. This is more beneficial to the viewer as it provides a better visual guide.

In summary

Text in video has a range of advantages. Make the most out of text in your video by using captions. Font size, font style, and chunking are all things that you will need to think about. Contact the professionals at Oh Video today, for all your video marketing needs.