If you’re taking the first steps into the world of video for your company, there are a few things you can think about at the planning stage to ensure that your video makes the maximum impact. After all, you want your video to be the best it can be!

1. Have an idea of what you want

It’s really helpful for everyone if you have an idea about what you want before you approach a video production company. We’ll be able to discuss ideas with you, and come up with suggestions, but it’s great if you can come up with some concepts which you like. Check out YouTube, Vimeo and even Google to see what appeals to you. We can take the best bits from each of your favourites and come up with a really unique video.

2. Be sensible!

Short videos aren’t really supposed to be the next Jurassic Park or Die Hard, so be realistic with your ideas. Don’t worry though – we can make your video exciting, and give you special effects which will fit your budget and timescale.

3. Get clock-wise

If you want something to grab viewers’ attention, keep a timescale in mind. A short and punchy video featuring your key facts will be far more memorable than a 20 minute epic. Less is definitely more!

4. Aim for the target

Think hard about who you want your video to appeal to. What age is it targeted at? Is it a sales video for potential customers? Is it for training existing staff? Also consider where you’re going to show your video. If it’s going online, you’ll probably want a different feel to something which will only be shown at company meetings. Make sure that your video will work for your audience.

5. Choosing your leading man (or woman!)

If you’re lucky enough to have someone within your company who’d love to present your video, you’re onto a winner – after all, that person knows your company inside-out! If your employees are a little camera shy, or perhaps don’t come across well on film, you could always consider hiring a professional actor to do the job. A good video production company will be able to do some quick screen tests that will allow you to make your mind up if you’re not sure.

6. Don’t get tongue tied

What do you want to say in your video? A script is a good idea, but what you have written in your corporate or promotional brochure is not necessarily what you want your presenter to say. What works in print won’t always translate well into speech. Think about the information you put into the video, too. If you want a video which will last a few years, this year’s statistics will be irrelevant in a few months.

7. Making it clear

These days, everyone loves high definition TV. It’s remarkably clear, and you can see every single thing in super sharp detail. If you’ve got the facilities to show your film in HD, you should definitely consider it. However, do be aware that high definition filming is more expensive due to the extra equipment needed, and while the super clarity of HD film picks up every single thing, it can also be pretty merciless to your presenter or venue, showing up every single wrinkle or blemish.

8. Value for money

Consider how you could make your video multi-task for you. A training video could also be shown to customers, or as a discussion at your next boardroom meeting. Maybe you could start a YouTube channel and see if yours could be the next big viral video.

9. Listen to the experts

Be ready to listen to your video producer. They’ve been doing this a long time, and they’ll know how to get the very best from your video, even if you’re not so sure. Be ready to help them out with providing information about your company, or giving them access to your offices if they need a filming location. They want to work with you to make your video live up to its potential, so listen to what they’ve got to say.

10. Enjoy it!

Making a video can be really good fun. Your video producer will be happy to discuss the process with you as it happens, and explain why things are happening as they are. View it as a learning experience, and see what tips you can pick up. If you make filming a positive experience, that will come across when you view the finished video.

No matter why you’re making your video, working with Oh! Video will give you the results you want, with a friendly and helpful team to support you every step of the way.