Targeted video advertising is a great way to generate interest in your business or company and get people to want your product or service. People have a more positive response to something that they feel is aimed at them specifically, but how can that feeling be achieved through video marketing? Well, at Oh Video we are experts in video marketing and this guide will talk you through targeted video advertising.


Planning your approach to targeted video advertising is essential to success. You don’t want to make one video per customer as that would be far too costly and time consuming, so start by planning how you can group similar customers together, to directly market the same video to different customers without losing the personal, relevant connection. For example, a cosmetics company may choose to group lip gloss, lip liner and lipstick consumers in one group, with eye focused consumers in another. This means that they can potentially target hundreds of customers in the same video, and need to only produce two or three videos to cover all their existing customers.

Collecting Data

Once the approach to targeted video advertising has been mapped out, you can begin to plan the use of your company’s social media and web marketing strategy to help you achieve this. If we stick with the cosmetic example, a simple quiz could be used to collect data. Once the customer has made an account they can answer multiple choice questions under the guise of choosing the best skincare products for them. However, the data collected will also sort the consumers into a group based on their use of lip products, eye products or whole face products. This means that their plan for grouping customers can be enacted with little to no effort and emails can be sent to the appropriate customers showing suitable video content aimed at their interests.

In addition, your company can use your social media strategy to group people into easy segments to target your video to. For example, the cosmetic company may offer a poll or vote on their social media page, and can link those that take part to their targeted video marketing strategy.


There are two ways to get your video out to the intended audience, once you have established the groupings.
Firstly, you can use a direct marketing approach which is basically emailing the consumer with your latest video offering, whether it’s a “how to” or a new product. As long as it is relevant to the users Interest, your video is likely to be watched. When using this strategy, it’s a great idea to have a link back to your website as part of the video to send interested viewers back to your site.

The second option is retargeting. Using cookies to display a video relevant to the viewer once they have left your site and have accessed a website with a retargeting platform such as Facebook or Yahoo. This method can generate interest in your product although too much retargeting can actually put viewers off your brand; I mean, your video is probably good, but three times in a row and it’s going to get repetitive!

In summary

Targeted video marketing is about making the consumer feel like their interests have been considered and that the video content is relevant to them personally. This helps build a connection between the consumer and company, and its only a simple matter of collecting data and producing top quality video content to match that data. Once the video has been produced with the specific group in mind, directly targeting consumers, or using retargeting strategies is one of the best ways to get your video seen. Here at Oh Video we are experts with everything video related. Get in touch today.