Educational video campaigns are a growing market. If your company or business works in an area that people might enjoy being more informed about, then educational videos could be a great way to engage with your potential consumers. But how should an educational video campaign be organised? Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s favourite video production and video marketing company. As a result, we have produced this guide to strategies for educational video campaigns.

strategies for educational video campaigns


Take a look at your FAQs

Content for “how to” videos has a massive range. You can create video footage for almost anything. But this wont necessarily be relevant to what your customers are interested in. As a result, you should use your FAQs to plan your educational video campaigns.


Consider your content

Once you have chosen the topics based on your FAQs, take a look at your existing content that may already answer these questions. If its a blog, article, or downloadable PDF, why not expand on it with a video that brings a fresh take to the existing article. This is a good way to bring people back to parts of your website they may not always engage with, and bring more traffic to your site.

Think about the viewers goal

Educational videos, or how to videos should focus on helping the viewer to understand something in particular, or to get to a goal. This can take place across a series of videos if necessary, but sometimes you can take one goal or key aim per video.

Whatever you decide, make sure these goals are relevant to what your viewers want to see from you. Again, this is why you should consider your FAQs before beginning.

In addition, although all of the videos might be linked together towards a larger goal, remember that each individual video should help the viewer to achieve something, no matter how small. After all, we do expect instant results!

Themes and categories

Finally, when it comes to educational video content, make sure you centre your video footage around a central theme or category. This will help multiple videos tie in together, and make your video content more useful for the viewer.

In summary

Strategies for educational video campaigns should always begin with the FAQs and should have your existing content in mind to build internal linking. In addition, you should consider the viewers aim or goal and categorise your videos around a central theme. If you need professional support or guidance, why not contact us today at Oh Video, Manchester.