When considering video marketing, keeping up to date with the latest developments is essential to your success. From live streaming to interactive video, the way that we use and engage with video content is always changing and progressing. Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we work with clients and customers across the North West and Yorkshire, to produce and market top quality video content. As a result, we have produced this social video marketing guide.

What is social video marketing?

Social video is completely different to any other type of video content that you will produce. This is because it is focused solely on creating content for social media, which has completely different rules and principles for video content.

One of the main differences with social video is the overall goal. The aim of social video marketing is not necessarily to convert viewers into customers. Instead, many of the videos you create as part of your social video campaign will have more subtle goals. These include:

  • Opening a dialogue between you and the viewers to create a community feel
  • Promoting your brand and raising brand awareness
  • Advertising your products or services discretely, as part of the background

Now, with these broad goals, you might think that social video is not really productive. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Social video is here to stay, and it is making its mark on video marketing globally.

Social video marketing guide

Social video is by its very nature, social. This means that it is geared towards branding and awareness. However, it can also be used to meet the more traditional video marketing goals including:

Providing customer support
If you have a product or service that may receive a range of questions, it can be worth fielding these questions with videos on social media.
Promotional material
Why not produce a video to announce the start of the sale, or to launch a promotion? Even an offer using the code at the end of the video can be a great way to convert viewers into paying customers.
A tried and tested traditional content type for video marketing, testimonial video content can be great on your social media. Why not ask your customers to instagram a ten second clip of your product? Or ask a happy client if you can get a video interview? Posting these on social media can be a great way to promote your business.

If you want to know more about social video marketing, or to begin your own social video campaign, contact us today at Oh Video.