Video marketing is uniquely involved with social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat not only encourage video sharing but also provide the software to reach your community through video, for free. This type of relationship means that video marketing is becoming increasingly successful through social media platforms, but how can you ensure your video marketing really hits home? Well, here at Oh Video we are video marketing professionals, and this is our guide to boosting your video marketing success through social media.


In terms of video marketing for social media, some companies can spend a lot of time and money producing full HD video content. This is often overproduction. Lower quality videos will still look effective on user’s smartphones and tablets, and for users that are accessing social media through mobile data, watching a lower quality video will help them save on mobile data. In fact, using a smartphone to produce content for Facebook Live, can generate as much interest and traffic to your website as a video produced in top quality. One tip would be to still produce those top quality videos, but keep them for explainers or interviews on your website or YouTube channel, rather than your social media page.


Be consistent with your video uploads on social media, even if it means posting slightly less videos initially on a longer term regular basis. People need to know that your brand is still active, so posting new video content twice a week for a month, will have a better outcome than posting a new video every day for 8 days. Having said that, the most successful companies are those with more video content than any others, so more video really can make a huge difference.


Video marketing is no longer about just getting people to watch your videos, it also entails building an online community. The more people that are talking about your video, the more people traffic you will receive, and ultimately, more revenue. You can encourage your viewers to interact with your videos by producing interactive videos, or simply live-streaming on social media. Facebook and Twitter are some of the main sources of traffic for YouTube videos, so building a social media community around your brand, product, or service, can really boost your revenue.

In summary

Video marketing through social media is huge. You can boost your viewers and ultimately your sales by utilising social media to market your company or brand videos, especially when taking into consideration the need to build a community and to publish content regularly, without overproducing the videos themselves. For all your video marketing needs, contact us at Oh Video today.