The key to videography is being adaptable as well as being prepared. Work can come from anywhere so it helps to have measures in place to make sure you are safe while getting the best material possible.

So here are some essential pieces of kit and know how that can save your shoot, your smile or even your life.

1. Good footwear.

Just as each camera that we own or rent is suited to a particular job, so is our choice of footwear. If you are working in a variety of shoots and locations then you need to dress the part. Not just for appearances sake but for safety. Shooting in a kitchen; rubber soles. Shooting in a quarry; boots with ankle support.

2. Camera bag.

This is generic advice, but a decent camera bag with tonnes of pocket space is a worthy investment. Especially when the majority of jobs have you working alone. Make sure you take the time to itemise your kit before you arrive on set to avoid last minute disasters (SD cards especially).

3. Head gear.

Many workplaces will require you to wear specific clothing other than boots and will often provide you with clothing such as high visibility vests and/or hard hats. A professional however ought to have these items to hand anyway and is a good way of impressing clientele.

4. Tool kit.

Get a tool kit. Whether it’s for your camera rig or anything else these things are invaluable. Guaranteed to never be around when you need one unless you bring your own. All in one kits are ideal and inexpensive.

5. First Aid.

Essential whether you are working alone or with others. Accidents can and will happen so it is always highly recommended that precautions are taken. Basic kits are cheap and courses can easily be found across the country from organisations such as St John Ambulance.

Of course all these items are second to common sense. You should always be wary of putting yourself in harms way, especially if shooting alone. Make sure people know where you are and how to reach you. Be sure to take provisions if you are going to be outdoors.