Patrick here!

The lions share of work that I do is often in enclosed and busy environments. Favourite examples include Oh! Video’s shoot last weekend at Dyslexia Centre North West and our time spent with The Boars Head in Hoghton earlier this year. Both occasions had me thanking my lucky stars that I planned ahead and brought my trusty SLT and DSLR rather than, say, anything else.

On occasions I am asked why I’m shooting video on a ‘photo-type camera’ (no joke, I have been asked that very question) and they may well have a point. Historically, the cinematic or broadcast ‘look’ was always achieved through high end, heavy and unwieldy equipment. Technology has largely done away with this idea and now only the largest institutions rely on cameras that need considerable logistical support in order to function. More support means more money and by making these tools smaller, the cost of shooting a high end video is manageable for almost everybody.

So that is why you will see more and more of these ‘photo-type’ camera being utilised by Videographers across the world. They benefit from a compact design that benefits the operator when shooting in confined areas, they generate images that are getting clearer and sharper with each generation of tech and they can be easily and affordably modded to suit almost any occasion.

Stick around, I plan to do some comparisons in the near future.