When it comes to mobile devices, an increasing number of people are using these to access the internet. In fact, the number of mobile users daily, frequently surpasses the number of desktop or laptop users. And for companies and businesses, this means making sure that website design, and website content is optimised for high performance on mobile devices. But what does this mean for video content? Viewing video content on a mobile device can be a different experience than checking out video content on a laptop with a larger screen. And for commercial video production and marketing, this should be a top consideration. So what are the requirements for effective mobile video marketing content? And how can you be sure that your video content meets these requirements? Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing specialists. And we have the tools and skills to help your business succeed with video marketing. In fact, we work with companies around the region, from Leeds and Sheffield, to Stockport and Manchester, to deliver effective, high quality video marketing solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about effective mobile video marketing.

What are the important requirements for effective mobile video marketing content?

There are several things that you should bear in mind when producing any video content that will be viewed on a mobile device. These include:

  • User behaviour
  • Content platform
  • Production requirements

User behavior and mobile video content

One of the most important things to consider for your video ad or video marketing content is that mobile users tend to behave differently than traditional users on laptops and desktops. For example:

  • Mobile users may be multi-tasking while browsing- with attention split across different apps, it is important that your video really captures the interest of your target audience, and keeps them hooked, right from the start.
  • Mobile users generally watch video content without sound- most videos that mobile users access, they will watch without sound. This is because they may be on the go, in public, or even watching when they shouldn’t be, like at work. As a result, it is absolutely necessary for your video content o make sense in silence, with captions or subtitles if necessary. Otherwise most of your video marketing message will be lost.
  • Mobile users prefer vertical viewing– there’s a reason why social media platforms use vertical templates for short videos and “stories” functions. This is because users would prefer to keep watching vertically, rather than turn their phone.

Content platform and mobile video content

A lot of the user behaviour as outlined above, will change slightly or significantly depending on the content platform. For example, a mobile user may switch into a YouTube explainer or live video in horizontal viewing, with the sound on. This is usually because they are devoting some time to watching this video content, and not multi-tasking. As a result, you should tailor your video production, and your video style, presentation and length, depending on the platform the video will be used on.

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