We’re humbled!  And very grateful too as this week we’ve been lucky enough to take some fairly large video production orders from existing clients.  Thanks a million Gang!

You might think that having a video produced for your business is a one off, or rare occurrence at best – but once you’ve experienced the power of video, and the benefits it can bring to your business growth, you’ll start to consider using video in more ways than you originally thought necessary.

For example, lets say that you already own a well ranked website, one which is already on Google’s prized first page, and which generates enquiries.  Well many of our clients already had this to boast, and they’ll be the first to tell you that once they embedded a quality, well structured and professional video to their homepage, their levels of leads, enquiries and phone calls increased significantly.  Exciting stuff!

It’s for this reason that we are busy this week working on new videos, product demonstration videos to be precise, for an existing client of ours for whom we have already produced the introductory promotional video which now appears on their homepage.

In fact, this particular client has booked our video production services for many more videos further down the line, one for each product that they manufacture.

Another client for whom we have produced a product demonstration video and client testimonial for has booked us in to produce another client testimonial video at another site at which they have installed their application.  Brill!

For both of these clients we’ve also been providing all sorts of video marketing, internet marketing and digital media type advice along the way.  We like to think that we’ve become a vital part of their extended marketing team.

If you would like to discuss your first ever video production with us and get a feel for just how effectively video can lift your digital presence, please do get in touch today.