When it comes to video marketing, one of the most important parts is gaining an audience. After all, how can your video convert customers, if nobody ever sees it? As a result, not only does your video production need to be top quality, but your video marketing too. Fortunately, here at Oh Video in Manchester, we excel at both. Consequently, we have produced this guide to publicizing video content.

publicizing video content

First, look at what you have

Here at Oh Video, we like to first concentrate on the platforms you can already make use of. These include the company website, YouTube channel, and social media page.

Company Website– When it comes to your company website, video content can really make a huge difference. In fact, a homepage with video content can convert almost 60% more viewers! As a result, the first port of call for publicizing video content, should be your website.

YouTube Channel- If your company or business already has a YouTube channel, chances are you already have an audience to play to. As a result, we think that all video content you produce should be shared on your YouTube channel. And if you want to use this to attract new viewers and customers, then you need to make sure you fully optimize your content. Check out our guide to talk you through this process.

Social media- From Facebook and twitter to Instagram and Snapchat, most people use social media. As a result, you can share your video content straight onto your social media platforms and watch as interest is generated.

Secondly, look at what you could have

If your latest video content is designed to show off a product or a service, or even in some cases if it is a testimonial, you could pay to market your video to a much larger audience.

YouTube advertising Placed at the beginning or the middle of videos that people are actually watching, a Youtube advert is a great way to target those viewers that are already engaged. In fact, if you are clever about the videos you use to place your advertising, and they are relevant to what you are offering, you may find that you can actually not just raise brand awareness, but gain customers too.

Facebook advertising- Directed at particular demographics including people in certain counties or age brackets, paying for targeted advertising with Facebook can greatly expand your audience and draw in new customers.

In summary

There are many options when it comes to publicizing video content. Make sure you use all of the options available to you for organic reach, and then why not consider paying to broaden your horizons. If you need support with your video marketing, contact us at Oh Video today.