Video is one of the most efficient tools in the marketer’s tool shed. It can be used to advertise, promote, engage with, discuss and inform your audience and potential consumers. This is a great way to gain exposure and publicity with potentially very little costs. Here at Oh Video we pride ourselves on our promotional videos, and we have some great tips to get you started creating your own.


Great video content engages users in some sort of story, involving characters as well as your product or idea.

Creating interesting content is about drawing the user into a believable and relatable scenario that makes the viewer and potential customer want to find out more. Confusing, boring or annoying are some of the worst descriptions reviewers can give to your video, and this is definitely what you should avoid.

Make something new

The last thing your viewers want to see is a simple rehash of a tired promotional video. It may have worked out well in the past but your company surely wants to present a modern and up to date image of themselves. Video styles are constantly changing and staying relevant is a great way to gain new viewers and ultimately, more consumers.

Time lapse videos and 360 videos are some of the best ways to show that your businesses promotional video is worth watching.

Be creative

Thinking outside of the box isn’t just an irrelevant buzz term, it does actually make some sense. A creative promotional video will help your company stand out from the crowd and has the potential to make your business grow and expand. Combining great storytelling with recent video features, in a fun and creative way is the key to top quality promotional video material.


Set aside time from your hectic schedule to plan out and research promotional video material used by similar companies. This can help you to produce a great video by giving you some ideas about how other companies have tied the strings of video production together, into a successful promotional video package.
Overall, there are many different ways to make a great promotional video relevant to your company, but creative, immersive storytelling through relevant video capture techniques can really boost the success of your creation.