Today we’ll be onsite with one of our clients filming a demonstration of their amazing product.

Our client has developed an app for the iPad which allows people living with disabilities to automate and control the whole house via the handheld tablet device.

The video will be designed to demonstrate the technology in action, whilst a testimonial provided by the end user will help to further outline the practical application of the technology.

The finished video will be hosted on YouTube, and in turn placed on the homepage of the clients website.

Video really can improve your marketing strategy massively.  Just a short video clip can improve click through rate, reduce bounce rate and help to generate quality links to your website.  Now that Google’s Hummingbird algorithm change focusses on quality content rather than pretty much anything else, we can see why video production and the inclusion of video on digital platform has become so important.

Keep your videos short, and don’t forget to transcribe your video content into text to make the content more crawl-able.