While there is little doubt that video consumption on mobile devices is continuing to soar, some businesses are still failing to take advantage. This is a real shame when you consider the influence that positive mobile experiences have on online success criteria. This criteria includes website traffic, user engagement and interaction, and conversion ratios. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video marketing and video production experts. As a result, we work with a huge variety of companies and businesses to make sure that their mobile videos will stand out from the crowd. This is our guide to producing video for mobile devices.

producing video for mobile devices

Producing mobile video without sound

The first thing to consider when producing video for mobile devices is sound. Although this has not been a major consideration in the past, the use of mobile devices themselves have changed the playing field.

As more and more people are watching video content on mobile devices, they tend to have the volume turned off. This is because we cant resist watching video content in public, or at work! So turning off the sound helps to prevent the embarrassment that occurs when your phone starts blaring out sounds or music. We’ve all been there!

As a consequence, you need to be aware that when producing video for mobile devices, people probably wont be listening to your audio. In fact, some companies have stopped including audio at all! As a result, your video needs to make sense, and be easy to follow, without having to listen to it.

You can achieve this by using text captions to capture the key points, or by making sure your visuals are easy enough to understand.

Producing video for a tiny screen

Mobile devices dont have the screen size that you might be used to. So when you are producing video content for mobile devices, you need to be aware of the visual effects when viewed on a small screen. In practice this means:

  • using a readable font and font size, without putting too much text on screen at once
  • keep shots close and focused to one thing where possible
  • keep the visuals clear of distractions- its a small screen make sure you can only see what you need

Producing video on a time limit

When viewing videos on mobile devices, people tend to watch for 2 minutes or less. This is because they tend to be on the move, or multi-tasking, and they dont want to have to devote a full five minutes to one video.

As a result, make sure you keep your video content short, sweet and to the point. If you have more to say, make more videos. It’s as simple as that. A series will work more effectively than one long video.

For more professional support or advice, or for support producing your own video content, contact the experts today here at Oh Video.