While many businesses and companies are recognizing the importance of video marketing, many people just don’t want to be filmed. This can include people from any office or department within the company, including the directors themselves. As a result, this can create an issue when it comes to planning and producing video content. But don’t worry, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s favourite video marketing company, and we have the answer. This is our guide to producing video footage, without people.

producing video footage, without people

Screen share videos

Sharing your screen with the audience is a great and easy way to create a video without having to include your face. This type of video is perfect for tutorials and instructional videos, when written instructions wouldn’t be of much use. They can also make great videos for staff training.

However, bear in mind that they sometimes are not the most engaging video type, and probably wont look great on your social media.


Motion graphics, hand-drawn graphics, or even graphs and charts can be turned into fantastic video footage, without the need for the person to appear on camera. When visual information is shown alongside a voice over, the audience has a better chance of remembering it. As a result, this type of video can be perfect for sharing with delegates and share holders, as well as your potential customers.


Short, animated videos can be the perfect way to get your point across without appearing on the screen. Use a character to encounter a problem, before finding the solution. In most cases the solution will be your company’s product or service and this will encourage people to purchase from you.

Animated videos are probably the best way of producing video footage, without people. They are most widely used and more widely enjoyed, and can appeal to a range of audiences and age groups.

In summary

If your business needs to get on the video marketing wagon, but nobody is willing to be filmed, there are solutions. Producing video footage, without people can include screen share videos, graphics, and animations. Get creative and see what you can achieve without another talking head video.

If you need more help or advice, or support for your own video marketing campaign, contact us at Oh Video today.