Here at Oh Video, we know all about using faces to create and develop commercial video content. But putting people in front of the camera isn’t always an easy option. As Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing experts, we are professional video production and video marketing experts. In fact we work with companies in a variety of locations, from Leeds and Sheffield, to Bolton and Warrington, to provide a range of professional video solutions. As a result, this is our guide to producing video content using people.

People in commercial video content

Using faces in your commercial video is a great way to establish trust with your audience. In fact, we are more likely to respond positively to a commercial video, if we believe in and trust the person talking to us. This is because relationships are all based on familiarity, and our brains are pre-programmed to relate to other people on an emotional level.

When it comes to your commercial video content, you can use this to your advantage.

Making a positive impression

But you cant just throw anyone in front of the camera, and expect that to be enough to help you create a good impression of your company. This actually comes down to a range of factors including:

  • your appearance and clothes- make sure you give off the same vibe that you want your company to show. If you are a laid back and  relaxed company, don’t wear a suit and tie. Your appearance will reflect your company.
  • body language- remember, enthusiasm is like laughter, it’s infectious. So if your body language shows exactly how enthusiastic you are about the product, service or company, your viewers will be more enthusiastic about interacting with you

Consider your speech

It’s not all about what you look like. In fact, speech perception is also really important. As a result, if you want people to want to choose your company, your speech should:

  •  Be honest and don’t try to hide any details
  • Be natural so that you present a reliable and genuine image
  • Stay focused and on message and dont over complicate what you are trying to say

Producing video content using people: top tips

So while visual appearance and what you actually say are incredibly important, it’s never usually as straight forward as that. Whether your subject is nervous in front of the camera, or just not sure about how to come across, here are our top tips for producing video content using people:

  • Focus on the positives- Being on camera is not really enjoyable for many people, so make sure you motivate and encourage your subject using positive reinforcement. This means focusing on the positives of what they do, and shaping their behaviour by pointing these out. For example, if you have a subject whose body language is negative, but who keeps smiling. Instead of asking them to straighten up, tell them how great that smile is. They’ll automatically start carrying themselves with more confidence.
  • Encourage relaxation- honestly if you want to get a message across, it helps to be relaxed. So encourage your subject to try breathing exercises or meditation, and notice a difference in their on screen approach.
  • Take multiple shots- make sure you take multiple shot of every little thing. Honestly, when you sit down to edit your footage, you’ll be grateful for the additional options, especially as you might notice things you missed in the first takes.
  • Be light-hearted- let your subject and other team members laugh at their own mistakes, it’ll only make it easier to relax and get the good footage you know they are capable of

For more information or advice about producing video content using people, or for a professional team that can be relied on for a professional job, get in touch with the experts today, here at Oh Video.