Whenever you sell a product or a service online, a great deal of trust has gone into that decision by the buyer. This trust comes from your online presence, reviews, branding, and then finally, their own leap of faith. We’ve all ordered from somewhere new and waited anxiously for the product to see if it meets expectations. Well its no different for your prospective buyers. One way to take the tension out of this relationship for your buyers is through effective video content.

Producing video content to build trust and customer relations is an option all marketers should consider. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video marketing experts. We provide video production and video marketing support from Leeds to Warrington and everywhere in between. As a result, we have produced this guide to producing video content to build trust.

producing video content to build trust

How does producing video content build trust?

Building trust with an online company is more difficult than face to face interaction. As a result, companies should make this easier by producing video content. This is because video content can prove:

  • competence- appearing on video can allow viewers to judge you professionalism and your demeanor. This can allow them to figure out whether they like you or not. Smiling on camera can make people up to 10% more likely trust you!
  • character- through video footage your character will be demonstrated and viewers will be able to pick up on your personality. As a result, viewers can start to feel like they know you, which makes you a lot more trust worthy.

Trust is all about human relationships. Producing video content can build this trust and foster this relationship.

So what are the top tips for producing video content to build trust?

  • be genuine- dont try and act like someone your not just because you are conscious of being judged.
  • be honest and open- this will make you more relatable
  • think of the audience- the purpose oft he video needs to be geared towards what the audience needs to see and hear. Are you explaining or demonstrating? Make sure the purpose is clear and the message is easy to follow.

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