Producing video content is a great way to boost your company audience, increase your brand profile, reach out on social media, and boost sales and conversions. But should you subtitle your company video? The short answer is YES. But why is it so important? And does it really make a difference? Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video marketing and video production experts. And we work with companies and businesses around the region to produce top notch, professional video support. As a result, we have produced this guide to producing subtitled video content for your business.

What are subtitles?

You probably associate subtitles with foreign movies. Where the dialogue runs along the bottom of the screen, as the actors speak. And you might be wondering why your local business would need to go to all that trouble. Well, adding subtitles, or captions, to your video is way easier than you might think. And the results can pay back 100 fold.

Boost your social media presence

Video on social media is incredibly popular, and always outperforms text based content or an image. But if you really want your video to perform well, you need to add subtitles or captions. This is because around 85% of theĀ 100 million hours of Facebook video we watch every day, is played without the sound on. This might sound bizarre, but watching video with the sound on can reveal your actions to an employer, or be embarrassing on the bus. So to get around this, people are simply watching videos with the sound off. And companies and business who have noticed this trend, are producing video content that can still make sense without the sound. Clever.


Visual video content is attractive, and a great way to attract your audience. But for people who may have hearing difficulties, videos can be a real challenge. That’s why subtitles or captions can be a great option and help your video be 100% inclusive. This can really boost your reach, and your sales, because if your video content can be enjoyed by everyone, more people can be persuaded to shop with your company, or use your services.

In addition to hearing impairments, adding captions or subtitles can also be helpful and inclusive to people for whom English might not be the first language. And this can broaden your audience options even further.

Keep up with the competition

As an increasing number of companies use subtitles or captions to make sure their videos make sense, your company needs to keep up. In fact, captions and subtitles have become the new industry standard. And this means that companies that are not using these could be left behind.

Stay professional

If you want people to believe your company is authoritative, and trustworthy, give them a reason. Videos with subtitles or captions look a lot more professional than those without. In fact, this can be on par with good lighting, audio quality and even a secure camera. You wouldn’t make a video without any of those, so why make a video without captions or subtitles?

Producing subtitled video content for your business is easier than you might think. Especially if you work with a professional team. Why not give us a call today, here at Oh Video? Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing experts.