Most jobs involve watching a training video. In fact, you have to watch an instructional video every time you fly. This is because video format is the most effective method of delivering a large chunk of information, that can be easy to remember and easy to digest. Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we are video production experts. We work with companies and businesses across Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire to produce quality training videos. As a result, we have produced this guide to producing quality training videos.

producing quality training videos

What are the advantages of training videos?

  •  Video can be used to demonstrate to the audience what is expected of them in a clear, concise and easy to remember format.
  •  Instead of needing to demonstrate individually, on a one to one level to a vast number of employees, a video can demonstrate to all of them at once. This can save businesses time and money.
  •  If any new members of staff join, they can also access the same training resource which lowers costs and raises productivity.
  •  If your company is international, the same video can be provided again. It is quite easy to translate video content using YouTube’s translating tools.

Tips for producing quality training videos

  •  Pick one message per video to keep the delivery simple and focused
  •  stick to a short video length to keep your viewers watching and engaged- the last thing you want is for your employees to fall asleep during training!
  •  Think about making your training video interactive. Of course this wont work for a whole employee training session, but for those videos designed to be watched in the employees own time, an interactive video can feel a lot more interesting. It will also make the message more memorable.

If you want to create a high quality training video, contact us today at Oh Video.