When it comes to your company video, it is imperative that it sticks out in your viewers minds. With video being targeted at potential customers all day, every day, anything that doesn’t stand out will soon be forgotten. So what is the key to producing memorable company videos? Well, here at Oh Video in Manchester, we are video production and video marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to producing memorable company videos.

producing memorable company videos

The ins and out of memory

As unfortunate as it is, our brains cant remember everything. Instead, we remember moments that have emotion attached to them. Joy, sadness, fear, are just some of the strong emotions that can become attached to an experience, and allow this to be committed to memory.

Emotions, as shown by the Pixar movie Inside Out, play an important role in the storing and retrieval of information. Information is more likely to be stored, if you feel strongly about it. In addition, information can be recalled more easily, if it is related to an emotion.

So what does all this mean for video production and video marketing?

Well, put simply, it is essential that your video content makes the viewer feel!

Producing memorable company videos

Many big names and brands are now producing video content that make us have an emotional response. Video that you produce needs to create a genuine connection and belief in the characters on the screen, and your viewers need to care about the outcome. Whether you want to make your viewers laugh or cry, follow these tips:

  • Research- before opting for an emotion to focus on, make sure you research the way that other companies use emotion. Trawl Youtube and put together aspects that you think work really well. This research will save you from making some common mistakes.
  • Consider your company branding- is it more appropriate for you to create a video that will create happiness and joy, or sadness and fear? Whichever way you want to connect to your audience. make sure you follow your company branding.
  • Storyboard- as with every video production, planning and preparing is key to success. However, if you want to create truly emotive and memorable footage then you need to plan for this at every stage of video development, from the storyboard to the filming.

Finally, you need to market your memorable content. Social media is a great way to do this, and paying for social media advertising will help you reach more viewers.

If you are ready to begin producing memorable video content, contact the professionals today, here at Oh Video.