Video footage used as part of HR tends to go one way or the other: incredibly boring, or incredibly cheesy. There is very rarely a happy medium. As a result, HR videos tend to be overlooked by companies wanting to showcase their company to new employees, or potential employees. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video marketing and video production experts. Consequently, we have produced this guide to producing effective HR video.

producing effective HR video

What makes your company different?

Why not use your HR video to show off what might be unusual or quirky about working in your company? When people think of a professional company, they might be put off by ideas of boring meetings and uncomfortable suits. Your HR video is a great way to show off the things that make your company different.

What does your company do for the community?

A HR video is the perfect way to spread the message about what your company is involved in, especially when it comes to charity and the community. If your company is getting involved in local projects, show it off with a HR video.

Are changes being made?

A HR video doesn’t just need to communicate with new or potential employees though. It is also a great way to communicate with existing colleagues. Especially if changes are afoot. Communicating directly with your staff on a regular basis can be important for company cohesion, but when change is in the air, unrest can occur. This makes it all the more important to continue to communicate with your employees. A HR Video can be a great way to keep everyone up to date.

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