When it comes to video production and video marketing, you need to grab the viewers attention with something original and interesting. Otherwise, they will just skip past. People are becoming overwhelmed with online and video marketing, which means that they pay less attention. An aerial video can help you change this direction. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s favourite video marketing experts. As a result, this is our guide to producing effective aerial content for video marketing.

producing effective aerial content for video marketing

What is aerial video content?

Moving video footage, captured from the air above is known as aerial video. This provides a birds eye view of whatever is underneath. this can definitely be an interesting and unusual way to attract attention to your video.

Aerial video content is generally captured with drones, which are flown remotely over the area using a remote control. This is a fantastic way to capture footage that would not have been seen before, or would have been seen only from helicopter.

What are the advantages to aerial content for video marketing?

Aerial video content is eye catching and almost demands attention. Whether you are shooting footage for your own website, or your social media, people will be drawn to the unusual angles and images that aerial footage captures.

This then has a knock on effect on conversions. The more people that watch your video, the more people you have the opportunity of converting into paying customers.

Even if these potential customers don’t convert (you really need to work on your marketing if they don’t) at the very least you will have promoted your brand positively and increased awareness surrounding your company.

Tips for producing effective aerial content for video marketing

  •  If you work out in the countryside, and this is relevant to your company, film your location and add a voice over. This works really well for camping and glamping sites, to show off their land, and also for hotels and wedding venues. However, if you work in the middle of Manchester (or any other City) this probably isn’t a good idea!
  •  Use the aerial footage to shoot indoors. Yes, indoors! Drones can fly a lot lower than helicopters. You may think of aerial footage as taken from outside and covering vast spaces, but actually drones can film inside as long as there is a good ceiling height. So your lobby, offices or reception area can become a great place for aerial footage. This makes it an unusual and interesting way to show off your day to day activities.
  •  Work on construction or building design? Why not use a drone to shoot footage of the building work in progress which can then be edited together to create a time-lapse. Now that would be impressive.
  •  Need to do a product demonstration? People are becoming switched off to that kind of footage, but aerial footage can really add a new dynamic.

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