While video consumption is ever increasing, so too is the quality of the video being produced. Consumers are choosing video content over any other content type on a regular basis, so how can companies keep on top of this trend? Well, here at Oh Video in Manchester, we work with businesses from Leeds to Warrington and everywhere in between, to produce excellent commercial video content. As a result, this is our guide to producing commercial video that meets user expectations.

Common user expectations

Consumers are watching more than half of all video content on their mobile device. This is something extremely important to bear in mind, as it means that first and foremost, consumers expect video content to be responsive.

In addition, because of the mobile viewing habit, other expectations come into play. These relate to:

⦁ the video length- consumers expect your video to be short, less than 2 minutes in fact. This is because if they are watching on a mobile device, they are probably multi-tasking. As a result they dont have the time or the commitment to put a lot into your video. So make short and sweet.
⦁ the video quality- it doesnt matter that viewerrs are watching on a mobile device, they still expect the video to be top quality with full visual clarity. Especially if they are watching branded content. After all, even the average Joe can make a pristine video witht he latest smartphone. Companies are expected to be above average.
⦁ the video sound- consumers dont expect to “have” to listen to your video. In fact, most videos viewed on social media are viewed without the sound. Why? Because people are on their mobile devices, maybe at work, on the commute or while watching something else, and they just want to watch your video, not listen to it. The “tough guy” videos by charity Movember have played on this consumer habit in a clever way.

For more information or advice about producing commercial video that meets user expectations, get in touch with the experts at Oh Video today.