Commercial video content is the best type of content to add to your website. It is easier for visitors to follow and make sense of, especially when compared to block text. As a result, it keeps viewers on your page for longer. I mean, if you could choose between an article and a video, which would you prefer?


But how should you go about preparing and producing commercial video content, and how do you know it will lead to web content success? Well, here at Oh Video in Manchester, we are video production and video marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to producing commercial video for web content success.

Web content

First of all, why would we use video for web content. Well, as outlined above, video is much more appealing, and much easier to take in. However, those aren’t the only advantages for video web content. Others include:

  • boosting the company’s brand presence and awareness
  • creating a broader range of website content, with video being much more shareable and engaging than text
  • increase in conversion rates, website traffic, and satisfied customers.

In addition, video content can cover a range of topics, perfect for blogs or articles. These include, but are not limited to:

  • product demonstrations
  • reviews
  • interviews
  • explanations of technical or complicated issues

In essence, whatever you want to share through a blog post or an article will always be better in video format.

Production tips

So, how can you make sure that you produce a video suitable for web content? Well here are some production tips:

  • keep the video length short- less than 2 minutes
  • keep to one point per video to make it easier for viewers to follow
  • Be light-hearted (as long as its appropriate)- your audience will appreciate it
  • Be genuine and honest

Producing commercial video for web content success is not as complicated as it might seem. For professional support and advice, contact us at Oh Video today.