If your business or company wants to stand out online, you always need to be up to date with the latest developments. Drone video content has been around for a while now, which means that it is becoming more and more affordable for small to medium sized businesses, with smaller marketing budgets. And using aerial footage from a drone, is an innovative way to shake up your filming, and do something different. Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we are all about doing things differently. We work across the region, from Leeds to Stockport, to produce innovative and impressive commercial video content. This is our guide to producing commercial video content with drones.

Drones capture incredible aerial footage…

Shooting footage while on the move, drones can be controlled using a remote control. This means that you can shoot incredible aerial footage from heights you wouldn’t be able to reach under normal circumstances. Not to mention the angles you can film from! As a result, drone footage can really help your business stand out from the crowd, and get noticed.

But they can also film at other heights too!

Just because drones can be flown at height, doesn’t mean they “have” to be. In fact, there is no reason why an experienced drone pilot cannot hover the drone at a suitable height, to offer a range of footage. This adds a different dynamic to the filming and really offers more value to your website visitors and social media followers.

What are the advantages of producing commercial video content with drones?

While flying drones around might be a lot of fun, there are also a range of advantages to producing drone footage. These include:

  • Visually interesting- While consumers are flooded with video content on all social media platforms, not to mention the internet in general, drone footage is not as common. Offering something a little bit more unusual is a good way to get attention and get noticed online.
  • A unique perspective- Wherever you film using a drone, the footage will be completely different to anything you could have filmed yourself. From the crazy angles to the upside down shots, and the loops, drone footage can liven up any shot. So whether its inside a warehouse, or across your land, producing commercial video content with drones can create something unique. And online, original content is always appreciated!
  • Shareable- There’s no denying it, drone footage is incredibly shareable. After all, most unusual content is. Anything you do that is unique, or interesting will pique the user engagement, and encourage them to share. This follows a repeating pattern with others who see it, boosting awareness of your brand and website traffic all the while.

Each of these advantages can have a subsequent impact on your conversion ratio. More interest and enthusiasm about your video content, leads to more opportunity for converting viewers into customers. And even if they don’t convert, you have timeless video content that has shown your company in a positive and professional light. This increases awareness about your business, and will generate more traffic in general.

Tips for producing commercial video content with drones

There are a lot of ways to use drones to produce commercial video content. It will all depend on your business or property itself, as your video content needs to be relevant to what you do.

In the countryside, you can fly a drone over your location and capture great images of the surrounding scenary. This is perfect for hotels and wedding venues, as well as camp sites and caravan parks.
However, this might not be such a good idea if you work in the middle of Manchester, or any other City. Unless you work at the top of your building and have access to the roof. This can lead to stunning and unusal footage of the city, from a great vantage point.
Alternatively, you could choose to focus your drone footage on the industry you work in.
In a warehouse or factory, drone footage can add interest to your machinery, and capture some really unique angles.
On a construction site, drone footage can be used to film the building progress at specific points, and this can be added together to create a time lapse video.
In retail, why not hover a drone in your store room or outside while you unload a delivery? This can create impressive and interesting footage, perfect for social media.

For more great ideas for video production and marketing, or if you need professional support, get in touch today here at Oh Video, Manchester.