When it comes to video content consumption, mobile is king. More and more people are using a mobile device, either a Smartphone or a tablet, to watch video content. And as a result, an increasing amount of video content, across a range of platforms, is viewed on mobile devices, year on year. However, some businesses are failing to take advantage of this shift to mobile, and when producing video content, they are missing out some important steps. This means that their users and consumers are not experiencing great quality video content, and this can be detrimental to business. But simple changes to the production process can ensure that your video can be viewed on any screen or device. In fact, producing commercial video content for mobile devices is not that hard.

Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video marketing and video production experts. We work across the region to create exceptional video production and video marketing solutions. As a result, we work with a huge variety of companies and businesses to make sure that their mobile videos will stand out from the crowd. This is our guide to producing commercial video content for mobile devices.

Sound considerations for the video production process

With the increase in social media video content, and the shift towards mobile video, you need to be aware that sound is more important than ever before. And the considerations for sound fall into two categories:

  • silent video
  • sound quality

Producing commercial video content without sound

When it comes to producing commercial video content for mobile devices, one of the biggest changes has been the removal of sound completely. In fact, a large percentage of your audience will be watching video content without any sound at all. This is mainly because in general, people can’t resist watching video content in public, or even at work. So the media volume is always set to silent.

So in terms of production, you need to make sure that your video makes sense, and is easy to follow, without having to listen to it. Text captions can help you to achieve this, and to capture the key points for your audience.

Sound Quality

If you do opt for sound, make sure you don’t skimp on sound quality. In fact, with many headphones now providing a totally different sound experience, your video sound needs to be crisp and clear to match. Any background noise needs to be filtered to ensure that speech can be heard clearly. Poor quality sound is still one of the main reasons why people switch off a video before it has completed.

Visual considerations for the video production process

It’s not only the sound that needs to be carefully planned and considered during the production process, it’s also the visuals. Mobile devices are available in a range of screen sizes and resolutions, which will determine how your video is viewed. In addition, video content on different platforms will have a different set of requirements. This adaptability means that your video can lose content, for example, when the screen is rotated. As a result, during production you should:

⦁ use a readable font and font size, without putting too much text on screen at once
⦁ keep shots close and focused to one thing where possible
⦁ keep the visuals clear of distractions- its a small screen make sure you can only see what you need
⦁ make sure loss of content does not occur if the video is viewed in a vertical or horizontal position.

Time constraints for mobile videos

Finally, one of the biggest issues when producing commercial video content for mobile devices is the time limit. Believe it or not, when viewing videos on mobile devices, people tend to watch for 2 minutes or less. This is because they tend to be on the move, or multi-tasking, and they don’t want to have to devote a full five minutes to one video.

As a result, during production, make sure you keep your video content short, sweet and to the point. If you have more to say, make more videos. It’s as simple as that. A series will work more effectively than one long video.

In summary

Producing commercial video content for mobile devices doesn’t have to be hard work. Just make sure that your video looks great, no matter how it is viewed, and sounds great too. It also needs to make sense without the sound, and all fit within 2 minutes.

For more professional support or advice, or for support producing your own video content, contact the experts today here at Oh Video.