As one of the largest social media giants around, Facebook is a fantastic resource for companies and businesses looking to grow their audience and reach new people. And one of the best ways to do that is through professional video content. In fact, Facebook receives more than 8 billion daily video views! Which makes it one of the best platforms to show off your latest video. But what do you need to consider when producing a video specifically for Facebook? Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing experts. We work with clients and businesses around Manchester and the surrounding region to deliver top quality, professional video content, and video marketing support. As a result, we have produced this guide to producing commercial video content for Facebook.

Producing commercial video content for Facebook

When producing and creating a video with Facebook in mind as the target platform, there are some things you should consider. These include:

  • the length of the video
  • the video sound
  • the video message
  • the shareability

The length of the video

For Facebook audiences, your video content should not be longer than 2 minutes. This is because, most of the people using Facebook, are doing so in between other tasks. And they aren’t browsing informative videos to sit down and watch for a long period of time. They simply are looking through social media, without really thinking about it. So if your video grabs their attention, and you want to keep this attention, you need to make sure your video content is short. The longer the duration of your video, the less likely it is for people to watch it till the end. And if you leave your call to action to the end, then less people will even see this. Let alone be influenced by it.

Not only does your video length need to be short, but you need to get to the point quickly and with clarity. Use the first 10 seconds to grab attention, and then introduce the message of the video.

The video sound

For a Facebook video, sound really isn’t needed. More than 85% of videos on Facebook are watched in silence. Which makes perfect sense when you think about the amount of people using Facebook in public spaces, public transport, or even at work. A video with sound would simply attract a lot of unwanted attention.

Because your video doesn’t need sound, you should really consider subtitles or captions to help viewers really understand the content of your video. And to get your message across more clearly.

The video message

The most important part of your video (if you can get viewers to watch it) is the video message. Do you want users to buy your new products, use your new service, or simply like your Facebook page? Whatever the aim is, your message should compel users to this action. And you need to deliver this message in a clear, concise and persuasive way.

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