Animated video content can be a fantastic way for companies and businesses to convey their message. It is also becoming a lot more popular. From banner advertisements, to Facebook videos, lots of companies are choosing animated video content. Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we support companies from Leeds to Stockport and everywhere in between. As video production and video marketing specialists, we know what it takes to create impressive animations. As a result, we have produced this guide to producing animated video content, and outlined our top tips.

Have something to explain? Use animation!

Our first tip for producing animated video content is to use it to explain. Explainer videos when produced as animation are incredibly effective. They are more engaging, more interesting, and more likely to be watched to completion.

However, there are some production considerations to bear in mind:

  • focus on one point per video, anymore than one and your message will be confused
  • use text in the video to help support your explanation and for those watching without sound
  • keep it light-hearted if its appropriate to do so

Consider your company branding

Whether its pink with yellow spots, or blues and greys, your company branding needs to shine through when producing animated video content. Without a face to relate to, consumers need to be rely on the second best thing: the brand. So when it comes to choosing the colour scheme, and also the typography, make sure you stick to the company branding.

Keep it simple

You know simple text animations can work just as effectively as full character animations, for some content. Many companies make the easy mistake of investing too much in the animated content, producing far more than what is needed. This can stifle the message you are trying to send, while also losing viewers. As a result, when producing animated video content, try and think simple, and dont over-complicate.

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