Video content is often recognised as a great way to sell a product or a service. With a broad appeal for a range of audiences and age ranges, video content can be the best way to really show off what you have to offer. And it’s also the easiest way to digest the information shown. But did you ever consider that video content can be the perfect way to market your company as a whole? In fact, turning your About Me page into a video, is fantastic for marketing. And here at Oh Video, we know all about producing About Me video content for small businesses. From our base in Manchester, we work with a variety of companies and business across the region to produce quality, About Me, video content.

Why do small businesses need “about me” video content?

So why exactly do small businesses need about me video content, when, up to now, a text and image based page was sufficient? Well, there are a number of reasons.

Firstly, the About Me page is usually the webpage with the second highest number of visitors. Second, of course, to the homepage. That’s because your potential customers, employees, and investors, want to know about the people behind the company. Who are you? And most importantly, are you trustworthy? As a result, transforming this page with video content is a fantastic way to really show yourself, and build a connection with viewers, in a way that just cannot be achieved with text and images.

In turn, this can help improve your conversion ratios, and make more sales. After all, the more a potential customer likes your personality and believes in you, the more likely they are to choose your company over another. Even if the other option is cheaper. Genuine, relatable video content can build trust. And that is the single most important factor in any company-client relationship.

In addition, About Me videos are very popular and can be part of your social media marketing strategy, even if you only release a clip at a time. This can be a great way to get people taking about your company, and engaging with your business online.

Producing About Me video content for small businesses

So where should you start when it comes to actually creating the content for an About Me video? Well, here are a few tips:

Testimonial introductions

Kick off your About Me video with a short testimonial from a satisfied customer or client. This is a great way to pique interest, and keep people watching. Especially as they will be able to view your company through the eyes of another customer. This can build credibility and foster empathy, which will keep your viewers watching.

The testimonial will also show off your company in a good light, reflecting your commitment to customer service and high quality products or services. This kind of video content can be much more effective than text on a webpage. Especially as it is coming from a customer, and not yourselves.

Involve your staff

Get all the people in your team involved in some way with your video. As long as they are willing of course. But placing your team in front of the screen, customers can feel like they are getting to know you, and this helps to build a greater connection. Meeting the team can be an influential tool in your About Me video.

Passion and enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is like laughter, it’s infectious. And if you are enthusiastic and passionate about what you do, and the services or products you provide, you need to show this. While words and images will reveal a small amount of this, video content is the only way to truly show off this emotion, and make other people enthusiastic about it too.

Location, location, location

The setting of your About Me video is also important. Where possible, your video should be filmed in your workplace. Whether that’s out on the brewery floor, on the garage forecourt, or in the office, your video should be filmed where you work. It gives you a good opportunity to show off your premises, but also to prove that your video is genuine. This can help convert more reluctant or cynical customers.

In summary

About Me video content can be a great way to restyle your website, and provide quality shareable content for social media. It can also help to boost sales and conversions, by encouraging potential customers to put their trust in your brand. When it comes to producing About Me video content for small businesses, you should consider the inclusion of testimonials, involve your staff, be enthusiastic and choose the right filming location.

For more information or to organise your own professional About Me video production, get in touch with the experts today, here at Oh Video.