For small and local businesses, producing video for marketing purposes can seem like a big ask. But with an increasing number of consumers relying on video content to guide their purchasing choices, video marketing is becoming increasingly important. One fairly straightforward way to produce video for video marketing purposes is to create a product explainer video. And here at Oh Video, we can help with that. As Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing experts, we work with companies and business across the region to provide professional video solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to producing a professional product explainer video.

What is a product explainer video?

First of all, what is a product explainer video? Well , simply put, it’s an easy way to show off your product to customers and demonstrate and explain the finer points. So that people who watch the video will either be tempted to find out more, and read about it for themselves, or they will want to purchase it immediately!

However, to really make your explainer video successful, you shouldn’t just show off your products features, you should also explain how exactly they will help solve a problem. Say for example, your product is a piece of software, consider why your product provides a better solution than others on the market. And then consider how to explain that to your audience.

Why do I need an explainer video?

Explainer videos can really make the difference when it comes to your sales. For example, consider the last time you visited a website, but left because you weren’t 100% sure the company was legit, or that the product would arrive as specified. This is exactly what you want to avoid. Now imagine that website had a product explainer video, that really showed off the product, its features and why it was better than anything else available. As you can tell, video content really does make all the difference.

Producing a professional product explainer video

When it comes to producing a professional product explainer video, you have a range of options available. These include:

  • using animated video
  • using live action

Animated explainer videos

If your product is more of a service, an animated video can be a great option. Especially if it involves different stages. That’s because an animated video can be easier to understand, and easier to extract the message from than a live action video. Take the many animated Lloyds TSB adverts on TV.

However, if your product is real, and physical, an animated video is not going to show this off to the public in the same way. Which won’t help you build interest or trust.

Live action

If your product exists in the physical realm, live action is a great option. Not only can you demonstrate the product in use, but you can also zoom in on different features in realtime, to really demonstrate what it can do.

To make a successful live action video, you should first produce a script which covers all of the important things you want to say. Remember, the most successful videos are only 2 mins long, or less, and so you should stick to one message per video. If you have multiple things you want to say, try making a short series of explainer videos instead.

In addition, you should consider your language. Make sure people will understand what your are selling, and keep the business jargon to a minimum.

Publicizing your explainer video

While an explainer video is a fantastic addition to your website, you should also consider adding it to other platforms too.

Video content on social media is incredibly popular and will generate interest for your company. Especially if you pay a little extra to advertise to your target demographic, using Facebook or Instagram. And this interest should direct people back to your website, increasing traffic, and consequently, increasing sales.

You can also email it to regular customers, or people that have signed up to your email list. This will again increase the click through rates, and generate more traffic for your website.

For more information or advice about producing a professional product explainer video, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Oh Video.