There are many types of video that can be produced to help you build trust with your customers, tell your story, and showcase your products. But for local and small businesses, many of these opportunities are wasted, simply because they don’t know where to start. Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing experts. And we work with small and local businesses across the region to provide top quality video production and video marketing solutions. And one of our favourite video types to produce, is the company story video. But what exactly is this? And why do you need one? Well, this is our guide to producing a professional company story video for local businesses.

What is a company story video?

A company story video allows you to tell the story of how your company got started, and why. This can explore your motivations and purposes, and any light bulb moments you might have had. And as the same time, it can involve your whole staff and your teammates, who can also explain why they chose to work for your company. This type of video is a great way to build a connection between your customers, or potential customers, and the company itself. And in many cases, people will choose to shop with a company they trust and like, rather than one that they dont, even if the other option is slightly cheaper. This is especially true for local businesses, who people will feel more connection too because of your location.

This means that  a company story video can lead to more conversions.

The human connection

Showing real people that work for your company can help you connect to your audience on a human level. And no amount of text, or number of images, can garner this type of connection. Video is the only way to achieve this, and is your best option.

A company story video pairs this human connection with a feel good story that people can really get behind and be interested in.

What if you dont have a company story?

If your company story isn’t really exciting, entertaining, feel-good or wholesome, you might not see the point in a company story video. But the company culture and the future direction of the company is just as much a part of the company story as the origin. So while most company story videos focus on the origin of the business, you dont HAVE to. Why not explore what makes your company so great to work for? Or what your company plans to do in the future?

At the same time, people are extremely interested in what your company does out of hours. Do you have a charity program, or is there a charity marathon runner in your office? Or maybe you help out with the local community, picking up litter, or recycling. Whatever is important to your company, or your community, can be a great company story video. Especially for local businesses who often have to offer something more than the big brand companies.

Marketing your company story video

For local businesses, landing yourself in the local news is a great way to increase your company recognition and get noticed in the local area. A company story video shared with your local newspapers digital team can be a great feature, and bag you some extra sales.

In addition, your company video needs to be share don your company website. This is where people that are serious about shopping with you will be. And this is where you need to persuade them to shop with you. A video on a landing page is a great way to maintain their attention and promote sales.

Finally, your video should also be shared on social media to generate interest and conversation with your potential customers.

For more information or professional video production and video marketing support, get in touch with the experts today, here at Oh Video.