When it comes to commercial video production, we are experts here at Oh Video. Working with customers from Leeds to Salford, we provide a range of video production and video marketing solutions. This means that we also have to tackle a range of pre-production issues when filming. But what kind of issues arise? And how do we deal with them? Well, this is our guide to pre-production issues for commercial videos.

Getting the pitch right

One of the first challenges is the pitch. When a company approaches us asking for commercial video production, we are usually given very limited amounts of information. Sometimes only the product or service and the purpose of the video. This means we spend a lot of time trying to get the pitch just right.

In addition, on the occasions where the video pitch has to be approved by a board, there can be disagreements between members, which means that video production cannot move forward.

To overcome this issue we try and take the time to chat with our clients and get to know exactly what they are after, before we start coming up with pitch ideas. The more we know about what a client wants, the easier it will be to help them achieve these aims.

Finding the right locations

If a client doesn’t have a filming location in mind, we are left with the full choice. While this isn’t a problem in itself, we have many trusty filming locations, it can be a logistics problem. For example, when the client needs filming to happen all on one day, we need to account for travel time, not just for us, but for the actors and the clients as well. This can make it difficult to organise a location that not only fits the needs of the video, but also suits the time-frame.

We overcome this potential barrier by being aware of fantastic filming opportunities around the region. Including indoor and outdoor venues. This way we can be prepared for any eventuality.

For more information or advice about commercial video production, or for your own commercial video, contact the professionals today, here at Oh Video.