Video is one of the most popular and effective methods of marketing and is responsible for a large amount of business growth and development. Whether it’s allowing viewers to step into the day to day life of your employees, or its advertising a new product or service, providing practical advice or giving honest customer feedback and testimonials, video reaches more viewers than text and encourages more shares and viewer interaction, improving your businesses popularity. Video is also what your consumers have come to expect from all online companies they interact with regardless of size. But taking on video as part of your marketing strategy is no small feat, so what are the practicalities you should consider?


What is your video aiming to achieve? From advertising to explaining, video covers all manners of content and deciding on the purpose of the video is the first practical consideration you will need to make.


Deciding on where to set your video is another important practical decision to consider. If you want to film in the office or workplace you will need to inform all of your employees and implement a strategy for filming footage of day to day life in the company. Alternatively, if you are wanting to film in a special studio or area for perfect lighting and sound you will need to research and book the perfect location.


Deciding how much money you have to spend on producing a video is incredibly important to be aware of before you begin filming. This is because your budget will determine the range of options available to you and your company such as the location options, the time you have to spend on filming and editing, and whether or not you contact a production team.


The time you have to spend filming and editing is important to consider. Firstly, If the product relates to a particular product or service that you are releasing, the timeliness of your video release is an essential factor. However, if your video is an explainer or testimonial the release date will not be critically important and you can take more time with your filming and development. Typically, it is cheaper to be filming and editing for a short period of time but this isn’t always the case as the purpose of the video and the production company you hire can also determine the cost.

In summary

There are a range of practical factors to consider when producing a video including purpose, location, budget, and time. For all your video marketing needs contact us at Oh Video today.