Video is the perfect way to engage customers, impart information, and keep your website up to date and relevant to new viewers. With this in mind, it is important to stay on top of the latest developments in video marketing. Here at Oh Video, video production, editing and marketing is our area of expertise. In 2017, we expect to see a rise in the amount of participatory video content aimed at consumers. How can this work for you?


Recently launched Snapchat filters give your customers a chance to wear your logo overlaid on top of their own video content.  This is a perfect piece of advertising. The principal viewer is interacting with your content, then advertising your brand to all of their friends. Existing only for a limited time, Snapchat brand filters are set to become even more popular in 2017 and open to a wider audience.


Live streaming on Facebook isn’t a new development. However, the use of live streaming to engage with users is growing and adapting constantly. The idea that users can comment or communicate with the business throughout the video is appealing to both companies and customers alike. Live streaming adds a level of intimacy, with the video footage being 100% genuine and not edited in any way. This is perfect for all business, large or small, to make a relationship with their existing client base, and also attract new customers.


Twitter has announced that Periscope, it’s live streaming feature, would now include 360 degree videos. Consequently, it seems that all the social media platforms are buying into participatory video content. Having said that, 360 videos have been around for some time now, so has the Twitter announcement come too late? For the time being, it would appear not. 360 videos are still popular with the user being able to drag the video and change the viewing angle at will. An increasing number of companies are getting behind the 360 video movement, so for now, it looks set to stay.

360 videos

In summary

Snapchat filters, live streaming and 360 degree videos aren’t new developments. However, the way that businesses are using these tools for video marketing is changing and adapting. Often free, the largest and smallest companies can be employing the same video marketing tactics. For more video marketing advice why not contact us at Oh Video today?