If you have never hired a professional video production team before, you are probably wondering what’s involved, or what exactly is the process in getting your promotional or corporate video produced from conception to completion.

So, here’s a quick blog to hopefully clear things up a bit…

  1. Give us a call at our offices in Manchester or on our mobile phones.  We’ll have a good old chat with you about what you have in mind for your video.  We’ll try to get a good understanding about the aims of you video.  Is it designed to generate enquiries?  Build trust?  To train your staff?  Whatever the purpose of your video, we’ll try to understand what’s involved, how many times we’ll need to visit your premises, who we’ll need to liaise with, who we’ll be interviewing and what we’ll be filming.
  2. We’ll get back to you with a very competitive quote.  We’ll send you our quote based on our initial discussions, outlining exactly what we’ve talked about and what we envisage will be the best process.  If you feel we’ve missed anything out, let us know and we’ll rework it.  Rest assured that our quote for your video production will be clear and competitive.  We’re a small business ourselves so we’re super flexible when it comes to video production.  Let us know how you like to work and we’ll try our best to accommodate.
  3. We’ll start to organise the video shoot.  Once we have agreed on the pricing, we’ll start to organise everything as far as the filming is concerned, trying our very best to make the filming process as stress free for you as possible.  We’ll liaise with everyone involved in the video where appropriate, and direct the shoot professionally.  We’ll make sure that everyone who needs to be on set on the day is well informed and knows what to expect.  If we’ve written scripts on your behalf, we’ll make sure that whoever is reading from them has already had a copy and is well rehearsed.
  4. The day of the video shoot.  We’ll direct the day (or half day typically) and ensure that we get a whole load of video footage.  So much so that when it comes to editing the video, we’ve got lots and lots of footage to play with.  That way, if you have suggestions or amendments that you’d like to make later, we’ll have lots of footage to play with.
  5. The edit.  We’ll professionally edit your video together based on your brief.  We’ll organise any music, voiceovers if necessary and effects.  We can even organise animated graphics where required.
  6. The first draft.  So it’s time to show you what we’ve produced.  Nothing is set in stone at this stage, and we can make all the changes as required until you have the perfect video for your business or organisation.

All in all, we’re a down to earth, friendly and accommodating video production team to work with.  Every video that we produce is an extension of our own portfolio of work.