So you took the plunge and put your latest video onto YouTube, but how do you boost viewing numbers and get your amazing video seen? Well, we generally always optimise our websites and content using Search Engine Optimisation tools, but we can follow similar principals for YouTube video content. Here at Oh Video we have some great tips to help you get started.

Great Content

Having great video content that is perfectly suited to the audience is the founding principal of success on YouTube. If you make short funny videos, these need to retain their hilarity on multiple views so that people feel compelled to share with their friends because it’s “too funny not to!” Alternatively, if you make informative videos for companies and businesses, your content needs to be just that: informative. A 10 minute, video that tries to be funny and is full of fluff will not be successful in the informative market.


Your business or company no doubt uses keywords to optimise their website, and this allows people using similar search terms on Google’s search engine to find and locate websites that are relevant, as discovered by the keywords. YouTube works in the exact same way. Using 3-5 keywords in your video description box, your channel description box and your video tags can really help boost your videos profile and viewing numbers.

Caption or Transcription File

Adding a caption file or annotations feature with the related keywords can also help to boost the viewers of your video. Adding this file alongside your video can allow Google to index your video, so that it will appear in a Google search if similar search terms are used. This can also allow your YouTube video to rank higher.


If you are just setting up your YouTube channel it can be extremely beneficial for you to utilise any connections in the related industry that you might have. For example, a skateboarding channel might ask their friends or colleagues to advertise or promote their new video on an already popular or well-known channel to boost viewers and help kick-start their steps to YouTube success.

How will you optimise your YouTube video today?