Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing experts. From music videos to excellent marketing, we work across the region from Leeds to Salford to provide top quality professional videos. This includes those created with mobile devices in mind. In fact, as video consumption continues to increase, a larger percentage of video content is watched on mobile devices. But what are the production implications? Well, this is our guide to mobile devices and video production.

Mobile devices and video production

While more and more people use a mobile device to watch video content, it is clear that businesses need to change their approach to video production and video marketing to match. Mobile video has some serious production implications, that just aren’t applicable to desktop viewers. This implications include the sound, video length, and the screen size.

Mobile devices may not use sound

If your video is a full 2 minutes of someone talking, your video is missing the mark on mobile devices. This is because an increasing number of people are watching videos on social media, without the sound turned on. Now you might think this is crazy, why watch a video if you’re not going to listen to it? But actually, as many people are watching in public, on the go or in the workplace, sound isnt always an option. As a result lots of successful companies have taken to producing video content that makes sense without sound. And if you want to succeed online, you should consider it too.

Mobile devices and Video length

Mobile devices have also changed the way people interact with video content. In the past it was not uncommon to sit and watch a 5-10 minute video. Now however, videos need to be less than 2 minutes long to really keep the focus of the audience. After all, they are watching a video while multi-tasking , and there are a lot more videos out there for them to get through. This means that people will devote less and less time to one video.

Mobile devices and the small screen

Finally, mobile devices also have a small screen. You need to produce your video with this in mind if mobile users are to watch it. In practice this means a simple clear image with no distractions, and readable font for your text.

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