With more and more companies opting to film their client’s reactions and thoughts about their experience working with the company, testimonial videos have become more popular than ever. Watching someone speak about how they interacted with and found your service is a lot more believable and reliable for potential new clients to buy into, in comparison with the traditional review methods. It also lets your clients know just how important and valued they are, an attitude that many companies neglect to foster. Setting your company apart with a testimonial video can be tricky, but here at Oh Video we know all there is to know about video marketing, some may even call us experts. This is our guide to filming, editing and marketing testimonial videos.


You’ll want to film a testimonial in a quiet location where you can have more control over background noise and interference and can film with no interruptions or distractions. It also needs to feel authentic and genuine. For this reason, we would recommend filming in your own offices or those of the client. When filming concentrate the camera on the client, the audience need to see the genuine and real reactions and expressions of the interviewee.


When editing it can be a great idea to add captions to your video picking out the key points being made by the client. This means that people viewing the video without sound, or people that are hearing impaired, can still access the content and essence of the video.

Adding your company logo to the corner of your video can ensure that viewers are aware of your brand whilst watching and this can be supported by a title screen.

Use a call to action interactive button at the end of your video to coax those viewers into action.


Putting your testimonial video on your website is great, but you should also market your video through the social media platforms your company already engages with. If your company also has a mailing list, you could market your video via direct marketing, sending it out through email to your marketing list.

In summary

Video testimonials can increase your sales by providing reliable reviews of your company. For all your video marketing needs, including video testimonials, contact us at Oh Video today.