Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we know how important it is for businesses and companies to stay on top of video developments and technology. Live video is one way for companies to do just this. But with so many companies jumping on the bandwagon, what can you do to make your content really stand out? We are video marketing and video production experts, and this is our guide to how live video boosts business.

live video boosts business

What is live video?

Used on YouTube, and across the social media platforms, live video is a fantastic marketing opportunity. It gives companies the opportunity to speak directly to viewers, and answer questions in real time. As a result, the viewers are notified when your video goes live, and unlike usual video content, they are compelled to watch at the time. This creates a mixture of urgency and interaction for the consumer, and as a consequence, this type of video content achieves more engagement and views. Clearly more views leads to more publicity, more company awareness, and more custom, boosting business.

However, as the number of companies using this technique increases, how can you stay original?

Top tips

Mix it up-
Many companies tend to live stream from the same place each time. By keeping their live stream to the office, the visuals of the video can quickly become boring. Instead, take a different approach and mix up your locations. Stream from the great outdoors, or your shop floor.
Behind the scenes-
Use your live stream to introduce other members of your team, to see your work in action, and make your audience really feel valued.
Use people’s names-
As your viewers appear, use their names to welcome them to the live stream. And again, when answering a question, use the questioners name. This can build a sense of community and viewers will have more desire to have their question answered.
A live video allows you to interact and engage for a much longer period of time than a usual video. On social media, your usual video content should be around 2 minutes long. Live video however is much more successful when it runs for half an hour or more!

In summary

Live video boosts business by being interactive and building a sense of community. To make sure your video is successful, you should make sure it is well timed, provides a behind the scenes feel, is filmed in different locations, and make sure you use the names of viewers to make it more personal. If you need professional support for your video marketing, contact us at Oh Video today.