Now that digital media is by far the most used and most effective platform on which to promote your business, it can often seem like an uphill struggle to reach your digital potential.  From improving your natural exposure on search engines, to growing your social audiences, and from converting more online sales to increasing customer loyalty – there’s certainly a lot to think about.

Here’re a few tips on how video can help you achieve your digital goals and ambitions.

Using video to grow your exposure on search engines such as Google

It’s no secret that people Google pretty much everything.  If you need a quick answer to a question, or you need to learn something, Google is the place to find out.  If you are a business owner, or a specialist in anything, you could probably answer a few questions yourself.

If you are frequently asked the same questions by your customers, there’s a good chance that many people ask those questions in Google.  Consider creating a video with a valuable, in depth answer to the common questions your business gets asked.  Place the video on your website, annotate the content into text to give Google and your visitor something to read alongside your vid, get some unique images on the page to add further value to your content, and there’s a great chance that your video content will be indexed, ready for the next time your prospects asks your question.

Using video to grow your Facebook audience

A great way to get your brand out there on social platforms such as Facebook is by running competitions. Like and Share this post in order to win – that type of thing.

Facebook comps work wonders in encouraging interactivity, and really can boost your followers. Consider using video to present your competition, rather than just an image as most companies still do. Video will allow your prospect to trust your business more, understand the competition better, and become familiar with your brand, and your business before they’ve even entered!

Your video production will also give you the opportunity to mention or promote anything else you feel fit, where images are very limited in terms of what you can get across.

Using video to convert more enquiries or sales

By now, we’ve all got pretty good websites. That’s great! Your website might look professional, and rank well on Google if it’s been around a while. But if you’ve never had a well thought out, professional video on your homepage, you just wont yet understand how video can really convert!

Use your video to introduce your business, look more professional, build trust, and appear human. Video really is a powerful medium!