With Google noticing that “how to” video searches are ever increasing, it seems that people are more interested in learning new information and simple fixes through the medium of video, than they are through following step by step instructions. But what does this mean for video marketing and production? Well, if your company is serious about video marketing it needs to stay up to date with top search terms and use these to their advantage. If people are searching for “how to” videos, then your company needs to produce one of their own. Here at Oh Video we pride ourselves on our video production and marketing knowledge, so let us guide you through the key features of a good “how to” video.

Clear Instructions

Even though you will be talking to your audience instead of writing, it is still essential that you convey your instructions in the simplest possible way. Planning your instructions in a step by step way will help you formulate an effective script and ensure that your video follows a good direction throughout. This is important for encouraging viewers and potential consumers to come back to your site and future videos, and build a good reputation.

Use visual clues

People find it easier to watch and copy rather than listen and copy. Of course, if you can watch, listen and copy then you are almost guaranteed success. In terms of producing a “how to” video you need to make sure that instead of just focusing on your face or your product, the video includes visual clues with the instructions being followed on the screen. This gives people the opportunity to listen to what you are saying, while also watching a demonstration. Of course, this only works for “how to” videos with a practical solution, such as how to change a tire. Some situations may not be suitable for this kind of approach and instead maybe using suitable stills or written text can be helpful.

Visual clues have another advantage. For people in an office or public place without earphones, or for people with hearing issues, not being able to listen to your instructions is not going to help them. Having visuals is a good way to make sure people can get the result they were looking for, i.e a solution to their problem, without having to rely on sound.

Call to action

A “how to” video is a great resource for people who may need to use your service or may need to know how to use your product. However, if you don’t advertise to people where they can find more information about your company, or you don’t show your website or contact details as an option, your company will miss out on the exposure it deserves. This is a common mistake and can cost your company money from loss of sales. Make sure you turn those viewers into buyers by including a clear call to action.

In summary

A “how to” video should include clear and visual instructions which will need to be pre-planned before filming, and including a call to action button or a link through to your website will help encourage interested viewers to become satisfied customers.