Seasonal video content can bring a wide range of advantages, as discussed in last weeks blog. But, how exactly can you use seasonal content for the best possible results? Well, any company can produce quality video content to really help promote their brand, and boost sales, over a seasonal period. But what needs to be included for a successful video marketing campaign? And how should this video be used? Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to how to use seasonal video content to increase sales.

How to use seasonal video content to increase sales

Any company, large or small can benefit from a stunning seasonal video. But how can the professional video be used to really make a difference to profits and income over the seasonal period? Well, here are our top tips:

  • Social media- film one long length video and then edit this video to be split into smaller segments, less than one minute in length. Then you can share these segments on your social media pages and platforms to generate interest in your products or services. 10 second teaser clips can work really well for this purpose. Why not consider paying for your seasonal video to reach a wider audience, determined by your chosen demographics? Facebook and Instagram both offer this feature, and it could help increase sales. You can even use the full length, original video for your website or YouTube channel, where people are more likely to watch for a longer period of time.
  • Pick a product- if your company sells products, for your seasonal content you might find it helpful to choose just one or two key items to promote. Many eCommerce sites find that popular products fly off the shelves much faster than usual over the Christmas period, so why not promote one of your popular products, to generate more sales than before. Make sure you use professional quality video content to really show off the detail and quality of your products, and make them more desirable for your potential customers.
  • Use a hero video- for your company website, why not use your seasonal video content as your hero video? This means the video will be displayed right at the top of your website, and will be all your website users see when the website loads. This is known as positioning above the fold. Above the fold video content is guaranteed to draw interest and intrigue your website users, which in turn will make them want to spend more time browsing your website. This results in more opportunities for sales and sign ups.
  • Use deals- in your seasonal video content, include deals and offers. Make sure your users know they are getting a deal, and make them feel like they could miss out on your offers. This creates a sense of immediacy, which could result in a higher conversion ratio, and more sales.

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